Linderhof Castle

See the smalest of the Royal Castles. The only one finished. A jewel in the romantic “Graswang Valley”

In 1868 King Ludwig II was already making his first plans for Linderhof. The new building developed around the forester’s house belonging to his father Maximilian II, which was located in the open space in front of the present palace.

In 1869 he had the forester’s house rebuilt and appointed as the “Royal Lodge”. An overall architectural solution was however necessary to unite the results of the piecemeal construction process.

In February 1873, King Ludwig II approved a plan which established the final design of the palace. In January 1874 he gave permission for the “Royal Lodge” to be moved to its present location.

In 1885/86 there was a final rebuilding phase. The bedroom, as the central room in the complex, was widened and extended to the north. King Ludwig II died in June 1886. He did not live to see the completion of the new bedroom.