NSS_Herbst1The world`s most famous fairytale castle, King Ludwig 2nd of Bavaria built his majestic folly,  Neuschwanstein as an homage to his beloved and revered composer Richard Wagner, and is dedicated to the operatic works of Wagner. This castle has captured the imagination of tourists throughout the world and inspired Walt Disney to recreate it as his Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Depending on weather conditions you can also visit the lookout at Mary`s bridge (Marienbrücke) and walk down the  spectacular Pöllat Gorge.DSC_0227

Avoid the queues and hassles of organising trains and buses and have a tour prebooked, personally guided and arranged for you in advance.  A must see in Bavaria and a truly memorable and unforgettable day out in the beautiful Allgäu region of Bavaria.

This tour is approximately 9.5 hours including a 2 hour train/bus journey each way.

Please note that some steep uphill walking is involved on this tour.

PRICE: Please contact me for pricing details as this depends on how many people and clients special requests for a full day tour.

DSC_0149ADDITIONAL COSTS: Please note that the price for castle entrance tickets will be an additional Euro13,00 per person plus Euro 1.80 p.p. for advance booking fee.


(Fee does not include any meals, drinks or gratuities.)