Nymphenburg Palace, in the west of the city, was originally built as a summer palace for the Electoral Family of Bavaria. Started in the 1660s, it was expanded throughout the 18th century by a succession of rulers and contains some of the most remarkable rococo architecture in Europe.

You will see where King Ludwig II was born, and where a young lad named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave one of his early concerts.

We also take a stroll around the grounds of the palace, visiting other buildings, which were used for various and often surprising purposes. The opulence simply has to be experienced!

The tour concludes in the old stables, which today houses the collection of royal coaches and sleds (including those of Ludwig II, which some people consider to be proof of his insanity).

PRICE: Please contact me for pricing details since it depends on the number of people and the special customer requests for a half day tour.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Please note that castle entrance tickets amount to an additional 11,50 € per person.