The Munich Residence

The Wittelsbach family, Bavarian sovereigns for over 700 years, began building their main residential palace in the 14th century. Due to many expansions over the following centuries, the Residence is today the largest city castle in Europe and hosts a variety of architectural styles and masterpieces of European artwork and crafts

After the fall of the monarchy, the Residence was opened to the public in 1920.

It was heavily bombed in the Second World War. Reconstruction began in 1945 and the works of art were returned as far as possible to their original locations.

Our tour will take you on a historical walk through the centuries of Wittelsbach rule.The apartments, ceremonial rooms and chapels provide visitors with an exceptional opportunity to see how rulers lived and used art and architecture as an expression of power. Option: he Bavarian Treasury can be visited independently after the tour.

Please note: Due to restoration works, not all tracts are continuously open to the public.

Access for the handicapped is limited.